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Letter to My Dog, Exploring the Human Condition

My favorite part:

Humans have issues
We dig holes to bury our own hearts
We chew on our own bones

What I don’t care for:

Is it bad that I refuse to teach you to not be afraid of men
Is it bad that I want you to keep your bite and your snarl and your gleaming teeth
Is it bad that when they call you a risk, I call you a feminist

Man hating does not equal feminism. Frankly, any blanket statement or stereotype about an entire group of people is not okay with me.

Wow, do I ever miss my dog. But I don’t think I’m ready for a new dog yet.  My heart heals slowly.


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You Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow

In all the talk about Robin William’s death, the loss of Lauren Bacall has been mostly overlooked. She was a true class act; a beauty with brains and a devastating wit. That is a rare and fine combination, and one that is mostly lacking in society today.


“Just looking at him could make me tremble. When he took my hand in his, the feeling caught me in the pit of my stomach–his hand was warm, protecting, and full of love. When he saw me at the beginning of the day and when he called me on the telephone, his first words were always, ‘Hello, Baby.’”

Swoon. If those words alone weren’t enough, just look at that picture.

Those two were very much in love, you could tell by the way they looked at each other.

Lauren Bacall was only 20 to Bogart’s 45 when they married. It didn’t matter. What really shocks me to think about is that Bogart died in 1957, and Bacall just died in 2014. She lived 57 years of her life without him. That makes me feel incredibly sad. Can you imagine missing the love of your life for 57 years?

Your Vital Heart

Your vital heart Rumi
There’s a reason why Rumi is so often quoted: he was one sagacious motherfucker.  Read the above quote. Now read it again.  Yes,  all is well with my soul.  The word that comes to mind most often to me lately is content.  That doesn’t mean that unpleasant things don’t happen, they do. It’s just that I’m okay with that.  It’s all good, even the not-so-good. Get it?


It was so hot today that the heel part of my high heels sunk down into the asphalt as I walked out to my car this evening.  My car has a black interior. Black leather interior. And I’m wearing a skirt.  Ouch!

Although I must say that skirts/dresses in the summertime is one of the great things about being a woman. (So are multiple orgasms, but that isn’t germane to this post.)  Forget  No Pants Thursday. Every day can be a no pants day. Just wear a dress. Much cooler, and much more comfortable, in my opinion.

Even though it’s still hot out, I’ve been sitting outside, sipping a glass of cold white wine. Before I know it, winter will be here again, so I’m going to soak up every moment of summer that I can.

An old collage of my photos from 2007.

Summer means:
Boat rides, ripe, juicy peaches in my backyard, walks along the canal, a glass of wine on the deck, wearing shades and flowers.

Don’t Use Your Turn Signal, It Will Ruin the Surprise

How bad are Michigan drivers? This is not a trick question, I assure you. Growing up in Michiana (Yes, it’s a word. Look it up if you don’t believe me.) every time we’d see a bad driver on the road my dad would say, “I bet he has Michigan plates”. Michigan drivers are notoriously bad, and the week that I recently spent there was a reminder as to how there’s a bit of truth to every stereotype. A non-comprehensive list as to what must be taught in Michigan driver’s education:

  • Stop signs with a white edge around it means that a full stop is optional. (I told my son that when he was young and he believed it for years. Okay, he believed it until he studied for his own license. Bad mom!)
  • Farm equipment can be driven on the road, but it’s not an automobile, so the driver is free to drive with one hand and have an open Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat in the other.
  • It’s far too difficult to pick one lane or the other, so feel free to straddle both and/or weave in and out.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever use your turn signal. Don’t even think about it. The state of Michigan will revoke your license if you do.  Perhaps the cars manufactured for the state of Michigan are without these magical “turn signal” devices?
  • The left lane on a highway is for passing only? No way! In Michigan it’s for driving at intermittent speeds, because we don’t believe in cruise control either. Like turn signals, cruise control is for sissies and people from Chicago. (Pretty much the same thing.)

Each and Every Day


How can it be that June is almost over? Not only do I find each day to be too short, I find each month to be too short. My grandmother used to say to me that the older you get, the faster the time seems to pass.  I can see that now. But I’ve figured out a way to make it slow down– savor something every day. Small or large.  Maybe it’s taking the time to sip your morning coffee on the patio. Maybe it’s an evening walk holding hands with your sweetheart. Figure out what it is for you and just do it. Do it now. Do it each and every day. This is not your practice life. This is all there is.