Rock My Run Update

I’ve written about the Rock my Run app in the past, but now it’s even better.   Rock my Run now pairs with your heart rate monitor to sync your music to your heart rate.

my beat

If you don’t have a HR monitor yet, I can highly recommend the Polar H7.  I’ve had a few Polar HR monitors over the years, including one of the watches, but I like this one the best. It syncs flawlessly with the free Polar app (for iOS and Android).


I like that I can change the battery in it myself, because with almost daily use, I can go through a few batteries in a year.  It uses an inexpensive watch battery that can be found at most any store.

I’ve used the heart rate sync feature a few times and it’s really good.  I happen to have a freakishly rapid heart rate, so some of the music I’m used to listening to sounds hilarious at 170 BPM.

The right music mix can make all the difference in getting through a tough workout.  I like that Rock My Run is a continuous stream, no need to mess with any controls.  For me, music is a must at the gym.

I’m getting a new phone for Christmas, and I need recommendations for armbands.  I need something stretchy that will flex with my massive biceps. 😉

2 thoughts on “Rock My Run Update”

  1. Lisa – thanks for the shout out! We’re excited you found us and mentioned us :)

    And don’t worry: We won’t play freakishly fast music at 170BPM. We adjust the music based on your heart rate zone, so it will be a bit faster when you’re exerting yourself, but not so much so that it sounds freakish.

    Let us know when you get to try it out! Would love your feedback.

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